Alain Delon: I leave this life without the slightest doubt

Alain Delon: I’m leaving my life with zero regrets.

I, Delon: An Interview of My Life” was the title of the renowned actor’s January 2018 interview.

The 83rd year has been the heroine of all ladies for decades. The only actor whose name has gained widespread recognition and who set the bar for male beauty.

Someone said, “Truly, Alain Delon,” referring to a man who was notable for his attractiveness. A rare beauty, a seductive grin with a hint of acceptance, and a gaze that caused more than one woman to vanish.

He is a hero and a product of the 1960s. The elder generation can still recall the lengthy lines at the ticket counters of theaters showing movies with his involvement.

A lone hero expertly holding a sword or inflicting flaming mischief with the letter “Z” — Zorro — attracted the viewer (even an ordinary bandit at the beginning of the movie “The Black Tulip”).

“I loathe this era, it makes me sick, there is no longer any respect, and everything is controlled by money,” the actor said, refusing to acknowledge the truth.

He adds, “I know that I shall depart this planet without the least regret,” with the conviction akin to his idols.

Asterix and the Olympic Games, in which the famous actor played Caesar, was the last movie in which he appeared. Alain Delon claims he never imagined himself as an actor. Everything seemed to happen on its own.

Regrettably, it is impossible to cover everything about him in such a brief letter, but we adore and remember the governor and gentlemen of fortune from the Black Tulip, Zorro from Zorro, the intrepid detective from Tehran-43.

Which of Alain Delon’s movies is your favorite?

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