Ryan and Eva share a small apartment with two children, cook and clean on their own, and do not have a babysitter

Ryan and Eva do not have a nanny and are responsible for cooking and cleaning their modest apartment that they share with two kids.

When they are together, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes break every unwritten law. The well-known couple might enjoy a life of luxury and extravagance, but they choose to bring up their girls in a straightforward and dependable way.

Ryan and Eva split up the chores around the house, share a tiny flat, and don’t even have a babysitter. We’ll go through why they settled on this lifestyle and how they maintain harmony and order in the family nest.

They are occupants of a two-bedroom home.

Despite being A-list celebrities, Ryan and Eva lived relatively regular lives. They don’t live in a huge estate in the Hollywood Hills, but they do have two daughters. They instead occupy a two-bedroom apartment.

The performers keep their lives hidden from prying eyes and spend a lot of time away from town in order to give their children a normal childhood. Without attracting too much unwanted attention, they can bring their kids with them by walking. They are without a nanny. Their oldest child, Esmeralda, is eight years old, while Amanda is six. Gosling and Mendes do not want a babysitter out of principle, which is unheard of in the entertainment industry.

The actors are parents themselves. They just ask Eva’s older relatives when they need help.

Because they both take an active role in the home, Eva and Ryan make the perfect couple. He likes to clean, and she likes to cook. As a self-described “kitchen obsessive,” Mendes.

Her passion for cleaning turned into a successful business. Eva joined the company that makes anti-germ cleaning sponges as a co-owner.

Mendes likes to scrub the sink and do the dishes. For her, it serves as therapy. She complains, “Life is so hectic.” Nevertheless, the only thing I can manage is my house, and more specifically, my kitchen.

I find that doing the dishes to be meditative. That goes much beyond simple cleanup. It certainly makes things easier for me to understand. To me, a tidy sink equates to a clear head.
For Eva, they set up a home office.

Being a co-owner of a business, Eva must make calls for business. She works from home on everything. It’s a mess, you know! I have no idea with whom I will be zooming all day.

Everyone will be laughing, and my recently turned six-year-old 5-year-old will be standing behind me holding a blanket and looking adorable. The star therefore created the following ground rules:

Mom is likely working if the door is closed. Yet, Mendes’ kids keep finding “essential” excuses to drop into her business at home.

Their families come before their careers.

Although Ryan Gosling has a successful acting career, he claims that being a father comes before anything else. Eva took a sabbatical from acting to concentrate on motherhood, which she views as the most creative endeavor there is.

The actress was encircled by her mother’s love before turning nine, and these years influenced who she is today. Mendes is thinking about going back into the film industry, but she has other goals now. I have no intention of acting violently.

They don’t enroll their kids in school.

Mendes and Gosling made the decision to homeschool their kids. Eva at first tried to teach her girls by herself, but she soon gave up the idea. The girls are now taught at home and on field excursions by a tutor.

We try to incorporate the place we’re in as much as we can because we travel a lot and are fortunate to have someone with us who can currently finish their studies.

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