It’s worth it! Five-second video of Ratajkowski in a thօng, standing with her back to the camera, scored a million likes

It is worthwhile! A five-second clip of Ratajkowski in a thing, facing the camera, received one million likes.

Emily Ratajkowski, an American actress and model, successfully exhibits her abilities as a businesswoman; the fair half of the world is quickly becoming a fan of her signature women’s underwear line, Inamorata.

Last but not least, Ratajkowski’s personal involvement in advertising helped the company succeed. The stunning brunette, unlike anybody else, is quite knowledgeable about correct angles, which makes her mouthwatering forms appear even more alluring in the picture. The 31-year-old beauty recently showcased her skills once more, inspiring awe in the hearts of her devoted followers.

Emily posed on the veranda, stepped in front of the camera from behind, and let the viewers to get a close-up view of her stunning body, which included a slender back, a tight waist, rounded hips, and toned buttocks.

Ratajkowski wore a blue item with side ties and a red tank top. The model turned in profile so that viewers could admire her attractive physique from a different perspective after she slightly adjusted the straps of her panties.

The five-second role received roughly a million likes in just one day, and thousands of subscribers offered supportive comments underneath the article.

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