On Instagram, Miley stretches in a red-hot, tiny vintage biкini

Miley can be seen stretching in a tiny, scalding vintage bikini on Instagram.

Every Miley Cyrus supporter or admirer will attest to the fact that she loves a nice fit. The “Wrecking Ball” singer celebrated the success of her most recent hit “Flowers” by donning a low-cut black minidress.

Moreover, she took five amazing antique designer outfits on her vacation to New York the previous year. She even handled an on-stage wardrobe malfunction without skipping a beat, demonstrating her status as a real style icon.

Miley is demonstrating that she is capable of making purchases for herself and holding her own hand with the bikini pictures she sloppily shared on Instagram.

Miley wore a scarlet red strapless bandeau swim top and matching bikini bottoms as she rested against a wooden wall in her swimsuit post. The bottoms included a cutout for a beautiful metal buckle that rested on her hip.

The singer posed while exposing all of her ribcage and arm tattoos by running her hand through her short blonde hair. In addition to a Theodore Roosevelt quotation, an avocado, and a tiny container of Vegemite, Miley has almost 70 tattoos.

“Flowers is at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for the fifth week in a row and is number one at Pop Radio for the first time! I appreciate you and cherish you. Her letter was written.

You may get Miley’s exact vintage Gucci by Tom Ford S/S 1997 Red Ombré Strapless Buckle Bikini Set if you have an extra $2,995 (heh!) sitting around. If not, we were able to find some incredible imitations of Miley’s bandeau bikini.

In a another image, the singer wore the same bikini and looked particularly fit (and moisturized) as she stretched into a yoga side bend.

Miley has previously talked about her love of Ashtanga yoga and pilates on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The drawback of Ashtanga yoga is that, at times, the instructor will say things like,

You’re thinking, “Wait, what?’ and I said, ‘Well, don’t worry, that’ll only take you 10 years,'” she said.

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