Jenn looks stunning in a black biкini for a makeup free selfie

Jenn looks gorgeous in a black bikini for a selfie without makeup.

During her leisurely holiday, Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey looked lovely. Jennifer Grey impressed her admirers by sharing a bikini shot with them when she was enjoying a visit at the Don CeSar in St. Lewis Beach, Florida.

In addition to a cute pendant necklace and sunglasses, the Dirty Dancing star shared a snapshot of herself unwinding at the hotel.

Jennifer let her natural beauty come through while sunning without wearing any makeup during her downtime.

The 62-year-old spoke on the benefits of stranger friendliness in a wholesome message as she shared her experience with followers.

“You might occasionally find yourself being looked after by complete strangers when you travel for 24 hours to a city you’ve never been to and don’t know anyone…

She described how her chauffeur, Tom, had planned for her to “enjoy a few solitary hours on the baby powder beach, bob and float in the lovely turquoise waves.”

“Julie met us when we got to ‘the pink lady,’ and she led me down to the water’s edge where a covered sun bed was waiting for me. Tom and Julie

and this short adventure’s sincere nature is entirely due to the personnel of @thedoncesarhotel!

Jennifer chose casual clothing.

One of her followers joked, “Would you say you… had the time of your life…?” after seeing the picture.

Another message read, “I have chills. Having arrived? It’s a wonderful city. So many lovely experiences to have,” a third person said, adding: “Sounds like a fantastic time. You should go to Caladesi Island while you’re nearby. You won’t be disappointed.

A lot of other people also gave Jennifer recommendations for sites to see, so if she decides to visit the area again, she will have a full schedule!

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