Heels and stоскings! 58 yearold Monica striкes on the spot

Shoes with heels! Monica, 58, strikes on the spot.

We were once again persuaded that the Italian diva is timeless when she reiterated her role as a well-known sex symbol.

The youthful brunette will turn 59 this year, but she doesn’t even consider slowing down or becoming an elderly woman. and enjoys participating in photo sessions.

In a recent interview with Greek Vogue, Monica Bellucci discussed parenthood, the role of women in movies, and her love of Greece.

Tradition dictated that there would be images of the interview, which we can never get enough of!

The Hollywood diva poses on them wearing the most exquisite stockings ever created: translucent, black, with lace elastic and perhaps a seam on the calf side.

Monika is shown in one of the pictures flirtatiously grinning at the photographer Ellen von Unwerth while sporting high heels and a partially exposed coat. Did we also add that Bellucci was not given a skirt by the stylists since she was a hot shot?

Another image shows an Italian diva in a hat with hooligan feathers looking back while amusingly adjusting her new stockings on her slim legs (we’ll admit, she’s our fave).

The Italian diva is still the most seductive woman on the earth, despite her approaching seventies, as seen by her tweed jacket and a bra that protrudes from behind it.

We come to the conclusion that a Hollywood actress is truly immune to the effects of time. even though these images clearly show the use of photoshop. We wish Monica Bellucci would eventually provide the formula for the elixir of eternal youth.

We can’t help but think back to one of Tina Kunaki’s last pictures—currently married to Monica’s ex-husband.

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