Bundchen does not restrain herself after the divorce, Gular continues to be nаked! Models at the carnival in Brazil

After the divorce, Bundchen shows no self-control; Gular remains naked! Models at the Brazilian carnival

Carnival is regarded as one of the sexiest and most vibrant holidays in the world, but these females were able to increase awareness of it even further.

Even if a true spring won’t arrive for another week, snowfalls and frosts unexpectedly returned to the nation’s capital.

Yet it appears that we are even aware of the cause of this; after all, Brazil, the site of the yearly carnival, is where the entire world’s warmth is concentrated. It’s now really hot there!

The event is important this year since it is the first to arrive in all its splendor since 2020: no more covid limitations, only dances and music.

Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, and other cities have been hosting vibrant samba school parades for a few days. The ancient Greek festival held in honor of the deity of wine, Dionysus, served as the inspiration for the Brazilian carnival.

Tradition dictates that it occurs just before Lent begins and represents the real pleasure of food, drink, and sexual relations. The following 40 days will be marked by humility and abstinence.

Celebrities among the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to witness this vibrant festival in person. This year, the models Gisele Bündchen, Isabelle Gular, and Alessandra Ambrosio received the most honors at the carnival.

who were born in Brazil, who have now again demonstrated why they are consistently dubbed the sexiest and hottest women in the world.

The carnival’s strongest performer was Gisele Bündchen, 42. After 13 years of marriage, she just split up with her husband Tom Brady, and soon after the divorce, she started a new life.

She first resumed her modeling profession, which she had put on hold to care for her family, and she was occasionally spotted out and about with her jiu-jitsu instructor.

Because she is once again a free woman, the actress probably only enjoys innocent flirting, despite certain media reports to the contrary. And very successful!

Gisele Bündchen went to the dance after arriving at the carnival and then posted a highly offensive video on social media.

The girl’s admirers quickly came to the conclusion that the model’s ability to maintain a perfect figure is due to her love of upbeat music and discos.

We also think this is a fantastic approach to lose weight without having to spend a lot of time in stuffy gyms.

Yet, Isabelle Gular made the bold decision to dazzle admirers in a way other than through dancing.

The celebrity, who never passes up the chance to post another picture of herself in a bikini, selected a really unique outfit for the carnival. It covered only the sharpest edges of the star’s body and was entirely made of beads.

She received the cheers of the admiring crowd several times because of him.

Alessandra Ambrosio attended the procession of samba schools while dressing much more subtly. Indeed, the model left the Brazilian capital and departed for her hometown of Ereshin very immediately.

She intends to spend her holiday someplace along the Atlantic coast after a brief journey. The model has traveled to many heavenly locations throughout her long career,

But she has acknowledged time and time again that she has never experienced such tranquility as she did on Brazilian beaches.

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