Richard, 73, is recovering from pneumonia following his wife’s birthday celebration

At his wife’s birthday party, Richard, 73, is recovering from pneumonia.

Richard was hospitalized for pneumonia overnight while he and his wife Alejandra and two small children were on vacation in Mexico.

While on vacation in Mexico, Richard Gere experienced a health scare! According to TMZ, the legendary actor, 73, developed pneumonia while on vacation with his wife Alejandra Silva and their two young daughters to celebrate her 40th birthday.

After the news surfaced on Saturday, February 18, Alejandra sent a message on Instagram thanking followers for their support and giving an update on Richard’s condition.

He is healing and feeling much better today, according to the news and all of your kind and worried notes that I noticed when I woke up this morning. She wrote next to a picture of her family.

“The worst has happened already!” We sincerely appreciate your kind words, so thank you very much.

Just before the family departed for Mexico, Richard reportedly had a severe cough. Richard arrived at the playground in the sun and his cough got worse.

and made himself a hospital check-in, where he was given a pneumonia diagnosis and admitted for the night. The following day, he was let go.

Even in the nice vacation snapshot Alejandra tweeted on Friday, she alluded to some health concerns.

“Thank you for the birthday greetings, everyone… I finally feel much better today after everyone in our family has been ill for almost 3 weeks! “I appreciate all of your love. She commented, “I return it all to you!” next to a picture of her and her two kids playing on the sand.

The pair wed in April 2018 after a few years of dating, and in February 2019, they welcomed their son Alexander as their first child. Less than two years later, they welcomed a second boy, whose name has not been made public.

When Richard and Alejandra were married, they each had kids from prior marriages.

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