Kendall has to make excuses! The story of photoshop photos in a swimsuսit

Kendall is forced to apologise! The tale of the Photoshop images in the swimsuit

By sharing an unedited video of her BFF Kendall Jenner on her Instagram Story, Hailey Bieber defended the model against claims that she had used retouching.

Because of the way that some of the photographs that Kendall Jenner published made her fingers look, she was accused of photoshopping a recent Instagram post.

Her friend Hailey Bieber addressed the accusations on her Instagram Story on February 15. In order to show that Kendall’s fingers are always in this position, Hailey posted a live video of Kendall raising her hand in the air.

With multiple alien emojis, Hailey captioned the video, “Been had long a** hands x fingers.”

In the background of the video, Mrs. Bieber can be heard commenting, “See how funny her hand looks naturally!” This is a live transmission.

Live footage shot by hand Meanwhile, Kendall is showing off how long she can make her fingers appear in real time by flexing them. You heard right, haters!

In her original image dated February 11, Kendall poses in two different swimsuits by the pool and on the beach. In two further images, she may be seen on the beach with a gorgeous red and orange outfit.

Yet the picture of the model wearing a little black bikini was the one that garnered the most attention. Her hand is reaching towards the ground as she is kneeling with her back to the camera in the picture.

Fans flocked to Kendall’s post’s comments section to discuss her hand after the TikTok retouching allegations became viral. One commenter questioned, “Bruh why her hand so long?” before adding, “Is everything well with your hand?”

Kendall was frequently compared to an alien, with some even calling her E.T. Fortunately, she laughs in Hailey’s answer video, showing that she finds the situation amusing.

Of course, Kendall or a member of her family has been charged with utilizing Photoshop in the past. Hailey was successful in doing the grubby work in this case even if the famous sisters don’t always respond to charges!

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