Catherine tried on a spicy jumpsuit with transparent inserts

Catherine put on a hot jumpsuit with see-through inserts.

The Addams Family spin-off was made available on Netflix at the end of 2016. With a total of 752.5 million hours watched since its release last fall, the comedy-horror Wednesday has already shattered the streaming service record.

The project was directed by the renowned Tim Burton, the endearing Jenna Ortega performed the lead role, and her mother, 53-year-old Catherine Zeta Jones, ensured the production’s astounding success.

According to the tabloids, the actress allegedly gave up acting a few years ago. But, the celebrity unexpectedly made a comeback to the screens, adopting Morticia Addams’ persona.

The Oscar winner’s talent and appearance were unaffected by the lengthy pause in filming. The mother of two kids, on the other hand, is in fantastic form and can pull off the most daring styles.

In a recent photo posted by Katherine to social media, she is seen posing in a black jumpsuit with lace inserts and a low neckline in the manner of her on-screen heroine.

“I just got up and discovered the weekend is still going on. I return to bed content, the actress said.

Zeta-Jones was advised jokingly by online users not to act out of character since she will soon have to reincarnate as Mother Wednesday once more.

Supporters added that no one could have performed the character of Morticia any better after the publishing of such content. It is well known that the show received a second season renewal. It seems to be scheduled for release in the autumn of 2023.

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