Guardianship Fight! Find out what awaits Lisa’s minor children after her dеаth

Conflict over Legal Responsibility for Minors! Learn the fate of Lisa’s minor children in the event of her death.

Lisa Marie Presley’s untimely death was a tragedy for her three young children and shocked the entire Hollywood community. The fate of her teenaged twins was unclear after she passed away.

Who will end up with legal responsibility for the teenagers is still up in the air. The leading contender is also present.

Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of the “King of Rock and Roll,” passed away on January 12. She was 54 years old. She left behind three children: 14-year-old twins Harper and Finley, who she had with Michael Lockwood, and Riley, who she had with Danny Keogh when she was 33.

Benjamin, Lisa Marie’s son, killed himself in 2020 when he was 27 years old. And if Riley is an independent adult woman, she’s probably been married and has a new baby.

Still, hope for the twins’ future seemed bleak. However, the Western press reports that a guardianship agreement is nearly complete.

The ex-husband of Lisa Marie Presley can petition for custody (but there are competitors)

Meanwhile, Finlay and Harper aren’t going back to the place where Lisa Marie Presley died. The girls’ father sees to it that they have all the help they require. After separating in 2016, Lockwood and Presley’s relationship was frosty at best.

Lisa Marie was given primary custody of the girls and they lived with her. However, the twins’ father now has a better chance of obtaining custody under California law.

Unless the legal system determines he is unfit to be a parent. However, Lockwood might face formidable rivals. Some say Danny Keough was a resident of the Presley home and treated himself like the de facto stepdad to Elvis’s daughters.

Consequently, he probably will try to fight his custody. Priscilla Presley allegedly wanted to raise her grandchildren, which fueled further speculation about the matter. Riley, who is not apathetic about the sisters’ fate, cannot remain oblivious to the custody dispute.

With her daughters, Lisa Marie Presley
Exactly who will end up with Graceland?
Lisa Marie’s childhood home, Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, may be left to a relative who isn’t part of the custody dispute, but that relative’s identity remains unknown. Meanwhile, the villa is now a museum, and Lisa Marie’s three daughters have been named as the rightful heirs.

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