Demi tries to keep her youth but this biкini shows what her bоdy really looks like

Over the weekend, while on vacation in Greece, Demi Moore flaunted her lean body.

While sailing among the Greek islands, the actress, 59, was pictured wearing a little pink bikini and aviator sunglasses. She wore a vivid yellow button-up shirt with the swimwear.

Moore lounged on the boat, showing off her trim body and maintaining her usual pleasant demeanor.

She didn’t wear makeup for the outing and let her long brunette hair hang loose in beachy waves before tying it up in a sloppy bun after lunch.

The “Ghost” star frequently reapplied sunscreen to save her youthful-looking skin while lounging in the blazing heat with friends.

As Moore petted and took pictures of the brown and white chihuahua, she even invited her dog Pilaf along for the voyage.

The Golden Globe candidate posted a bikini-clad selfie from her enjoyable day on the lake to Instagram on Monday, telling her fans that she was “soaking up the summer.”

“And it looks amazing on you,” said Moore’s ex-husband Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming in a comment on the photo. Rumer Moore gushed, “You’re such a hottie mama, my goodness.”

The jaw-dropping image of the “G.I. Jane” star drew comments from several of Moore’s other well-known friends, including Rita Wilson and May Musk.

The actress is accustomed to wearing swimwear. In an effort to make older women feel attractive and beautiful in their bathing suits, she launched a swimwear line with Andie Swim in July.

Moore wowed in the retro-inspired styles for the ad, telling People that she created the line to challenge the notion that as we age, we become less attractive.

But she demonstrated that it might actually be the contrary after her day on the lake.

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