A 61-year-old grandmother looks amazing in her white swimsuit – now watch her turn around

As you can see in these breathtaking pictures, it is not always the case that showing off swimwear is considered to be provocative sexuality.

These photos show that you can wear a bikini beautifully and gracefully at any age, as Yasmina Rossi proves in them.

The photos below were created in cooperation between the lingerie company Land of Women and the online shop The Dreslyn. Brooke Taylor Corcia, who designed the Dreslyn, wanted to show that adult women could also be featured in swimsuit commercials and that they didn’t always have to be sexualized.

According to The Huffington Post, Rossi was picked for the campaign for a number of reasons, including: Corcia described her as a “lady that emits vitality and vigor.” This collection is for women that enjoy a high standard of living, enjoy traveling, are intelligent, and can display their confidence. She takes care of herself and works as a visual artist.

When you look at the images, it’s hard to realize that the model is 61 years old.

Rossi proves that one need not be youthful to be a bikini model.

You might be shocked to find out that Yasmina Rossi is 61 years old in these pictures.

She was born in France in 1955 and raised on the island of Corsica.

She works as a model, photographer, and portrait painter in California.

The photographs were made in cooperation between The Dreslyn and Land of Women.

The founder of The Dreslyn claimed that the collection’s motivation was to create an alternative swimsuit advertising strategy that shunned the commonly employed sexual images.

Rossi “radiates health and vigor, is confident, is an artist, and takes care of herself,” the store’s owner said in describing why she was chosen.

What makes her so beautiful? There is no specific secret, said Rossi. Long before it was trendy, I only ever ate organic food.

I exfoliate with sugar and olive oil once a week, eat an avocado every day, and only eat organic meat and fish. I also use canola oil on my skin.

a daring and creative move made by a company not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Don’t you think these pictures are really beautiful? They also show that beauty transcends all ages.

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