Suzanne Somers & Spouse of 45 Years Who Have a Family of 18 Still Hold Hands While Sleeping & Date Every Night

Actress Suzanne Somers gained notoriety for her part in the 1970s sitcom “Three’s Company” before launching her own line of organic beauty products under the name Suzanne Organics.

The actress has been happily married to her husband of 45 years, former game show presenter Alan Hamel, for 45 years. She was previously married for three years to Bruce Somers.

Suzanne Somers in New York in 2022 | Source: Getty Images

2022 photograph of Suzanne Somers in New York via Getty Images

Hamel and Somers encountered a challenging circumstance decades into their marriage when they returned from a day out in the city to find their Malibu home devastated by the Californian wildfires.

Even though this was surprising, Somers managed to find the good. She was glad no one in her family had perished and thought that surviving the experience would teach her valuable lessons.

Alan Hamel and Suzanne Somers Fought to Merge Their Families

On “The Anniversary Game,” when the actress served as a prize model, Somers and Hamel first crossed paths. They said it was love at first sight when they met.

Following ten years of living together, the pair was married in 1977. Though things weren’t always perfect, they still share a wonderful connection today. At the start of their marriage, when it came time to meld their families, Somers admitted that the process was “stepfamily hell.”

Hamel has two children from his former relationship with Marilyn Hamel, and the health enthusiast has a son from her first marriage. Somers explained that since divorce and family merging were novel concepts back then, there weren’t many discussions on how to make the move seamlessly.

Suzanne Somers with her son Bruce Somers Jr. in Los Angeles in 2003. | Source: Getty Images

In Los Angeles in 2003, Suzanne Somers was accompanied by her son Bruce Somers Jr.

The actress acknowledged that she and Hamel had different parenting philosophies. I had a series of rules—no feet on the furniture, don’t borrow our clothes without asking, knock before entering—and Alan didn’t follow them, she said.

Somers further claimed that although the children behaved out and carried a lot of animosity, the impact of their ex-spouses only made things worse in their homes.

Things started to get better when Somers and Hamel formed a unified front because the pair recognized they had to work together to restore harmony into their home. The couple was aware that recovery required time, but through persistence and counseling, they were able to reflect and identify what was “keeping them back.”

Somers and Hamel rejoiced in overcoming this challenge. The actress acknowledged that no family was flawless and tried her best to make her marriage work, even if she claimed to be “marveled” by how well they bonded their family.

The Happy Marriage of Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel

Although Sommers and Hamel dated for ten years before being married 45 years ago, their union still seems to be in the honeymoon stage. Giving each other attention, which she claimed most couples have a tendency to overlook, is the key to maintaining the spark, according to the actress.

However, it comes naturally to the couple. “I love to hold him and massage his hair,” Somers said. We hold hands as we sleep, and he constantly tells me I’m beautiful. The most wonderful aspect of my life is this.

They occasionally even stay up all night holding hands, the actress continued. But regular date dates are another way the pair maintains their marriage.

It was revealed by Somers that every day is a date. They get together occasionally, have a heavy drink, and dance at a local bar. She will prepare a wonderful dinner to go along with beverages on nights when you stay in, and they will dance about the house.


Somers works in her vegetable garden on Sundays, but her dining room, where her 18-person family gathers to eat and converse, is her favorite space in the house.

In their later years, the couple realized the kind of life they desired. They discovered they liked peaceful nights together after spending the most of their time going on back-to-back vacations and attending numerous speaking engagements.

Somers added that because of this and the fact that they have grown closer and more at ease with one another over the years, they are able to maintain their “romantic and sexy” relationship.

The revelation that Somers and her husband have sex twice a day also astounded folks. The actress claimed in later interviews that she wanted to demonstrate to people that such intimacy could be felt even later in a relationship.

Somers and Hamel also claimed that their organic diet, vitamins, and use of yoga to reduce stress are the sources of their enduring youth. The couple’s connection is also a result of their ongoing affirmation of one another. Somers’ body has evolved over the years, but her husband still compliments her on how beautiful it is every day, which is important to her.

Currently, Somers and Hamel are the grandparents of six children, ages 12 to 23. The grandmotherly affection she exchanges with her grandchildren is what she enjoys most about being a grandmother because “they don’t know blood.”

Somers is happy of how cohesive her blended family is after years of conflict, and she considers having them all together to be her greatest accomplishment.

Somers was asked whether there was anything she wished she had known earlier in her marriage given that she and Hamel have been married for almost fifty years.

Because she and Hamel would “fight like dogs” in the beginning of their relationship, the “Three’s Company” veteran claimed there is no recipe for a happy marriage.

But after getting married, they encountered difficulties combining their families and starting a business, which taught them more lessons. Nevertheless, they remained committed to one another and never gave up, and fifty years later, they were still as content as ever.

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