Police officers show up to prom of their fallen colleague’s daughter with only one mission: Watch the video below to find out why…

Being a police officer involves more than just apprehending criminals. Many people go above and beyond what is expected of them to help those who are most in need, showing how big their hearts truly are. In the narrative that follows, a group of police officers goes above and above to support a child and to honor a fallen cop.

The Tarpon Springs Police Department in Florida held Officer Charlie Kondek in high regard among his peers. However, they encountered something very peculiar when responding to what in 2014 ought to have been a typical noise complaint. Kondek unfortunately died as soon as he arrived at the scene.

The death of Officer Kondek shocked everyone in the area. Additionally, the fact that it was a smaller police force had an effect on each officer’s personal life. The most notable impact, though, was felt by his family, especially by his lovely daughter Aleena.

Like the majority of police officers, Officer Kondek was devoted to both his family and his job. Under the trying circumstances, the other cops had no choice but to maintain their resolve. Teresa, his wife, and Aleena, his daughter, were left to figure out how to live their lives without the help of the man they adored.

There would be many challenges for the Kondek family to face, but one in particular stood out. You see, Aleena’s prom was only around the corner. That’s when her mother had a brilliant and original idea that called for a conversation with a departmental official.

He submitted Teresa’s idea to the other officers in the unit after discussing it with Major Jeff Young. They all agreed that they wanted to participate in the scheme. This mother had planned for not just one, but several gentlemen to accompany her daughter to the prom.

Aleena was excited for the prom but yet sad since she missed her father. What was going to happen was completely unknown to her. She took the bus to get to school. Officer Kondek’s daughter arrived, but she was greeted by a surprising surprise: a group of her father’s employees had gathered there to act as her bodyguards.

Everyone started crying at the mere mention of it. But Aleena was in for one more surprise from this squad of policemen. They showed a homemade placard that read, “Charlie… we have your back,” along with several unusual photos and Kondek’s badge.

When Aleena saw what her father’s friends had done for her, she was overjoyed. Before starting the dance, they all gave this attractive young woman hugs. She claimed that having the police serve as her bodyguards made her feel as though her father was present and watching over her.

“I firmly believe that they mean ‘never forgotten. They routinely check in with me to see how I’m doing and assist me with tasks that my father performed, which is amazing. I adore each and every one of them, Aleena continued.

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