Four guys send their moms a selfie only to get a hilarious photo in return

We can still be hilarious even when we are parents. After receiving a selfie after a baseball game, one group of mothers showed their sons their comedic sides. The boys weren’t the only ones who cracked up at their mothers’ answer; the internet did too!

Nowadays, it almost seems as though more people take selfies than in the “old school” days when someone else took the picture. And occasionally, a selfie is so great that we have to recreate it in order to preserve the memories and respect the occasion.

These mothers carried it out, but they infused it with their unique flair. Why? to mildly make fun of their lads.

They did a kind thing and sent a selfie of the four of them having fun at the game while their sons were there at a Dodgers baseball game.

What a sweetheart, right?

They were informing their mothers that they were all secure and enjoying themselves with their friends. You two earn points!

But the moms chose to respond in a funnier way rather than just using heart and kissy emojis.

The moms, who were also present, decided it would be amusing to take a photo of their own to capture the occasion.

They sent this, that is all. How do you feel?

moms selfie recreations

We believe they really outdid themselves! Even the baseball caps’ orientation is reversed. The beverage and the thumbs-up almost perfectly recapture the atmosphere of the situation. Some of the mothers even did a decent job of mimicking the expressions.

They may be sure that their sons won’t quickly forget this particular selfie.

It was amusing to Reddit users.

It reminded one Reddit user, ibarabi, of this photograph of two parents impersonating their son’s Facebook photo:

Facebook selfie spoof

You might have to ask their kids whether they agree, but some parents really appear to enjoy taking selfies of their kids and then duplicating them. We think these parents are amazing, though!

A different Reddit member, miistahmojo, made the following comment in response to the image of the mothers taking a selfie at their sons’ baseball game:

“Game tickets with friends… $125

Capsule… $35

Stadium drink… $9

Your awesome mothers are sending you to Reddit’s first page.

They appear to be quite awesome.

Another person added:

“The realization that your mothers are more attractive than you…

I can relate to the moment.

The reconstruction image below is “complete with a homemade adult onesie,” as you can see. I think this family did a great job!

Here’s another selfie parody that we really liked.

With his brand-new phone, this guy started snapping some photos. His father and brothers made the same fashion choice. Where did they all get the same hat, we wonder!

Family selfie recreation

I don’t blame you if you’re itching to recreate a picture just to make someone laugh right now. Oh, the opportunities.

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