A student bought food for a homeless man. An hour later he handed her a crumpled note that moved me to tears

People who are homeless must endure a tough life while being despised by everyone around them. However, Casey Fisher sees them very differently.

She helped Chris, a homeless man she met one day, as much as she could. Later, she ran into him and gave him a table at the Dunkin Donuts café. The man accepted the invitation and shared his life’s journey with Casey. He said that his mental health was what led to his drug addiction.

The classmate encouraged him by saying that he will one day become the guy that his mother had imagined.

The man requested Casey to wait for a while because his time was over and she needed to get to the university quickly. He gave the girl a piece of paper with a note he had written on it. He expressed regret for his messy handwriting. The message read:

“Today, I wanted to end my life. However, because of you, I will survive and work to put things right. You’re a good person, so thank you.

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