14 years ago, actress Meg Ryan’sa doptive daughter is from China, and that’s how she grew up

The doptive daughter of actress Meg Ryan was born and raised in China 14 years ago.

Meg Ryan has a successful acting career. She works incredibly hard and has spent a lot of time trying to sometimes put herself out of her mind. She makes the false claim that she has significantly contributed to the film industry.

14 years ago, Meg adopted a Chinese child. According to the actress, the lengthy and demanding adoption process in America prevented her from choosing a destination. And in China, everything is much simpler: you simply identify your gender and age, and in a handful of months, you become a mother.

Because Ryan has grown to love and care for her adopted daughter since then, she has done all to ensure her happiness. Daisy’s name was Daisy. Jack, the son who wanted to live with his father after his parents got divorced, got along well with his sister.

The actress sacrificed many roles for her daughter’s sake and made a concerted effort to organize her schedule in order to spend more time with her. Daisy develops into a charming and kind young woman. Mom and daughter are quite close and are able to discuss private matters. Best buddies stay close by. The actress’s reluctance is a result of her neglect of her son and lack of parental responsibility.


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